a day with : ROB BOOKER

I had the pleasure of spending a very sunny & awesome Saturday with Rob Booker. Rob is a FX Trader (finance lingo) and has recently decided to give up all of his posessions and live life on the road. For the month of April Rob went on across country road trip from California to New York City. During his adventure he stopped along the way at other traders homes. he learned their style of trading, broke bread with their families, & slept on plenty of couches.  He learned what motivates these individuals and how they measure their success. I got to spend the last day of the trip with Rob and some of his colleagues (other traders). Though we do not have alot in common on the career front, we all can attest that you never know who youre going to meet along the way. Or how their story will help shape you.

 Check out Robs Blog, you could learn a thing or two.