September According to My Phone

September 2014

September was a whirlwind. This year I found myself covering (and being invited to) more NY Fashion Week Events - and Im not complaining one bit. I got to see some beautiful clothing and meet some really awesome women. I was even able to extend the invitation to some shows to one of my friends which had me even more stoked.

I worked on my series "stuck in traffic", premiered my new project "My City", and had a few headshot sessions - again no complaints here. 

I've been thinking about switching up my Instagram account from the random things I post and finally turn it into a more mobile portfolio. i really do not feel at this point that it represents my photography well enough. Opinions welcome, as Im sure Im putting too much thought into this. 

I have some exciting things and projects planned for October and the rest of fall. 

Now onto the important stuff.....


This months most notable eating happened at:

NY Pizza Suprema (one of my favorite pizza spots). My favorite slice is the "upside down slice"

Untamed Sandwiches (not pictured)

The Belmont Tavern in NJ (thats the work of art pasta bowl that's pictured),

& Parm (for some chicken parm & turkey sandwiches).