Workout Wednesday : A Little Shopping Motivation

I hate working out. I love how I feel after I do it, but the whole lets wake up early, or not sleep in, or run to a class after a long day at work has deterred me many times. It's the whole process of gearing up and psyching myself up to go work out that's always been the problem. Once Im at the gym I can stay there all night. It's just getting there.

Some of you might remember a few months back I had a post where I talked about my workout routine. I've been going strong since February and actually sticking to it.  I feel great, Im stronger but now that winter in NYC has rolled in, I don't want to go to the gym. So i'm going back to the mind games that got me going in the first place. Rewarding Myself!!

When I started back in February I set mini goals : go to the gym once a week for a month, then buy yourself something. Month two: go twice a week for the whole month, then buy yourself something. Month Three : Try a new class, keep going twice a get the idea. I started buying myself a present at the end of the month - mainly I started buying myself new workout gear. You know what? It worked. it motivated me to stick to my plan and when I do workout I really like what I'm wearing. 

Around September I stopped buying workout gear and buying other clothing items -  I don't think this has helped, so I'm going back to basics. As a little motivator I created a LuLulemon wishlist for myself 

I've really been on a black & white palette kick lately. I put this mood board together fairly quickly and then realized everything I chose was black, white or grey. Not sure if it's the weather, stuff I've been pulling for my shoots, or that I've been watching a lot of old Film Noir lately. 

Below is a list of the items with the links to the site if you are feeling a little inspired or need some New Year's Resolution motivators. You can also click on the image above.