Memorial Day Weekend - Part 1 Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We got back to the city late on Sunday, so we grabbed some sandwiches from City Sandwich (highly recommended btw). I was exhausted from Beauty Con and the trip out of state for the road gig the day before, so I ate and took a nap. 

When I woke up I wanted OUT - but never made any plans, so had nowhere to go. We made quick plans with another couple but those fell through thanks to a dead cell phone. So with the sun quickly setting & not wanting to waste a great day - we took to twitter. Sending out an SOS "we need something to do, anyone have a grill we will bring the meat". Within 20 minutes we recruited about 4 people via twitter, however no one had a grill or space, so we opted to meet in Williamsburg.

Rosemunde was our spot but once we got there everyone was starving, so we ordered. The idea of hanging in the park starting to look like it was never gonna happen.  I got the special "Lamb Sausage Gyro" which was delicious. Moroccan Lamb Sausage on a hero, with lettuce, tomato and tzatziki sauce.  To our surprise 3 more comedians showed up while we were eating cause they saw our tweets and wanted to join in. So we drank and ate there for a bit.

With around 30 minutes left before sunset, we ventured down Bedford Ave. to McCarren Park picking up some more people on the way. We were determined to make this park thing happen. Our group stopped at The Turkey's Nest, a dive bar on Bedford Ave. Turkey's Nest sells margaritas in styrofoam cups, so you can take them across the street and enjoy them in the park. Which is exactly what we did. We found a spot, talked, drank, & a few decided to be athletes for the day and played soccer.


There was something so nostalgic about the day. Just taking in my surroundings, the baseball game, children running around playing man hunt, hiding in the trees - you forget about what you did as a child. Its  crazy how all this was put together via twitter - yet one of the most significant things I took away from the day was the lack of social media once I got there. I didn't go on my phone once. I was too focused on the memories of running around the park, so sweaty that the bugs would stick to you. How back then I could run for hours. That no matter what grade you were in or how popular you were/werent in school, it didn't matter on those nights, cause you just wanted someone to play with. A group could play tag or basketball for the entire night and never speak to one another again. But you would always have that night. And then do it again the following week with a different group. 


On days like this I also remember how much like a family the NYC Comedy community is. Im grateful I am somehow a part of this community. I met some new people, some I'll see again, some probably passing by at a show, but we'll all have that night in the park.

Check out the all of the images from my day in Williamsburg below. (click on the image to enlarge)