be inspired : guacamole

Fresh Guacamole by video artist PES is the shortest film to ever be nominated for an Oscar. 

This short is a stop motion animation depicting the visual recipe for making "guacamole". He uses everyday items to depict the ingredients for the recipe. The items used also take the shape of puns when they are "diced" by turning into dice, etc. What I think is most inspiring about his work is the ability to take mundane, overlooked everyday objects and make amazing things with them.

The 2013 Academy Award Nominated film by PES. Fresh Guacamole is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

From a creative & visual perspective this film is great. What I enjoy most about it aside from the visuals and sound effects is the message..or is it not a message? I always try to get into an artists head when looking at their work - especially when looking for inspiration. Is it just a video about guacamole? The obvious message of looking at things from another perspective or viewpoint? Or finally could it be about risk and taking a gamble? Represented by the grenade, the chess pieces, poker chips, trivial pursuit, monopoly houses and dice. Sometimes you have to take chances, be strategic, win/lose, take a gamble, have ideas (the light bulb) but most importantly its about having the right mix of these things (metaphor for life..not sure?) because all of these individuals end up making something. And even when he tries to enjoy his final product, the chip breaks in the guacamole. Reminding us not to take this for granted as well. Or it could just be a really cool video? You tell me. I'd really like to hear peoples thoughts on this.

Moving on...The artist is currently working on a new project "Submarine Sandwich" close to my heart & home about NYC Deli's. About the disappearing mom and pop sandwich and lunch shops. He is trying to fund it through Kickstarter - if successful with funding this will be his longest film created.