Around 11B : Beauty Buys

KORRES : Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream: I received this item at an event I covered for fashion week. I have used it a few times. Its very moisturizing, but has a weird smell. You do wake up feeling like its worked though, whatever that means. 

Toni & Guy : Sea Salt Texturizing Spray : Received in my Birchbox over the summer, finally got around to trying it. I love it for that surfer/post beach hair. You probably could get the same effect from Salt Water..who knows. Anyway I have used it on myself as well as on a shoot and liked the product a lot.

Bliss 24 Heaven : This product is ok if you want to feel like you rubbed diaper cream all over your body. Its too thick and doesn't absorb fast enough. I actually just tossed the leftover jar away because it was taking up space and I was never going to use it. 

LUSH Almond & Coconut Smoothie : Perfect body wash, goes on smooth and leaves you smooth. I have actually been recommending this for some clients that are scheduling shoots and complaining about dry skin. Or if they are going to spray tan prior to the shoot. 

LUSH Dream Cream : I know this one can be a little sticky until absorbed but if you have allergies or sensitive skin this really is a great product for dry skin.