EAT : Scandinavian Oatmeal & Strawberries Cake

What I'm Lovin Wednesday


For the Fourth of July our NYC Crew had a potluck BBQ (see a tradition starting?). Ive been trying to be really, really good with my eating. Sticking to eating clean, limiting my carbs, sugar and bad food intake.  For once in my life I was able to pull off not one, but two pinterest recipes (I'll post the other next week). Normally I have Pinterest fails, but these were successes. 


Anyway I wanted to include strawberries because they remind me of Fourth of July. I think because I have the fondest memory of my Nan's home in the country and making the Better Homes & Gardens Fourth of July Flag Cake (you know the one with strawberry stripes and blueberry stars?) My goal was a healthy strawberry shortcake,  I was also trying to keep it dairy free for my friend thats Lactose Intolerant. 

I ended up with a Scandinavian Oatmeal & Strawberry Cake - I adopted the original recipe to go along with what I was looking for. 

Unfortunately I didnt snap any images while I was making it. However this is a super easy recipe that you can make without any mixers or crazy equipment. If I can do this in my small NYC Apt Kitchen - you can do me.




2.5 cups large flake oats (I used the Whole Foods Organic Large Rolled Oats from the bulk bin)

A little less that 1/2 cup of Olive Oil (you could use vegtable)

3 tbsp all-pupose flour (I used King Arthur)

2.5 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

3 organic eggs

1 cup of Organic sugar



1 1/2 pounds of strawberries

Sugar or Agave

Note: I baked this cake originally in a round cake pan. I should have listened to the original recipe, which said to use a sheet cake pan. It would have probably been a lot easier to remove from the pan. However if youre going to use the round, def use parchment paper.

For the cake:  Preheat your oven to 410 F.  Line a sheet cake baking sheet with parchment paper.  In a large bowl mix the oats and oil together.  In another bowl combine the dry ingredients and in yet another bowl beat together the sugar and eggs until frothy. For the sugar and eggs I beat them like you would scrambled eggs. I whipped them with a fork to get some air into them and then they got frothy. Then gently combine the egg mixture and flour mixture into the oat mixture. It will look weird and not like any cake mix you have seen. This is the point where I started to hear my friend Ryan and husbands voices in my head about how this was the most unappetizing cake they have heard of. Don't worry they both loved it. Pour your batter into your prepared baking sheet and bake for approximately 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. This cake bakes quickly so you may want to keep an eye on it.  Mine ended up needing 14 minutes.

For filling:

Wash and cut up your strawberries. From there place them in a bowl with some sugar or agave. (I used two tablespoons sugar, but you could use more or less depending on sweetness), And let them sit for about an hour at room temp (if youre serving right away, if not place them in the fridge).

They will get this sweet syrup as they mix - its so good.

To assemble:

If you are having the next day, put all items in the refrigerator and assemble the next day

Remove cake from baking pan.  If you used parchment use that to lift.  Cut your cake in half cross-wise to get two layers. (unless you used a round pan then you have two separate cakes). Lay down your first layer facedown on a serving plate and remove the parchment.  Spread a layer of your strawberries.  Place your second layer facedown on top of the berries and repeat.