December According to my phone

This month my camera iphone photos are lacking big time. 

This month I  worked on my series "Stuck In Traffic", got to shoot an awesome event in the Bronx for a charity called "Build On" (Taystee from Orange Is the New Black was there), went to Brooklyn for my new favorite pizza from a place called "Sams" - had dinner there too which was great, went to my first blogger lunch at Ayza wine bar (they have a pretty decent pre-fix lunch), ate an entire pizza in 2 days from Fiore's (half pepperoni, half cheese), Christmas tree shopped, ate more pizza, attended a store event for Joe Fresh, went to Sunnyside Queens for a comedy show, and of course spent time with family, friends, Parker the dog. 



Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar: Midtown - I had the prefix prosciutto panini and tomato & cheese soup (which was so good)

Fiore's Pizza : Manhattan : pepperoni pizza is my staple here

Black Iron Burger : for some cheat day onion rings

Sam's Restaurant: Cobble Hill Brooklyn ; you have to order the pizza, which is my current fav NYC pizza. Chicken Parm & Chicken Scarpariello. Louie is the host, the waiter, the owner and bartender at this old school BK establishment. Expect to be greeted with an attitude, a 20 min wait time and be prepared to pay cash. The food is great, the atmosphere hasn't changed in 20 years and if you want to know what Brooklyn was like befoe all the coffee & bike shops, this is your place.