Dee Shoots : Casey Balsham

Comedian & Actress Casey Balsham comes through the studio for new headshots & promotional images. We really had no planned concept for these images prior to the shoot. Casey came in and wanted to do just a quick headshot shoot and on the fly we decided to raid my closet and go nuts. I enjoy working with people I know because the trust is there and you can push them out of their comfort zone. You can say "put on my pajama pants, no really Im going to pour this water on your crotch..i think it's going to look good" and they just roll with it. 

The sweaty armpits photo is my favorite from this shoot. Neither of us thought it would capture as well as it did. 

I couldnt decide on a final edit for the cigar photo. I wanted it to have the feel of a SNL bumper image. I feel like the black & white is more dramatic, but the color image pops with the dark lip...I dont know you decide.