Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

A few years go I had the opportunity to attend The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Thanksgiving Parade tickets are not easy to get so when my husband got us a pair I was not passing up the opportunity. 

When he told me he got Thanksgiving parade tickets I flipped out. I couldnt believe we were actually going. Since moving to NYC we would usually take in the parade for a bit while eating our bagel sandwiches. We would order from the bagel shop, walk a few blocks and stand there eating them while watching the floats go by. Then we would rush back to our apt, shower and head off to NJ to make the family rounds.

As a child I have such fond memories of the parade and watching it at my house while the meal was being prepped and guests were arriving. My grandmother would watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade religiously. Her favorite part of the show would be the Radio City Rockettes performance. We would sit there on the couch waiting for them to appear on screen - the whole time she would comment on how cold they all must be in their costumes. 

Well she was absolutely right about the cold. We were FREEZING!! I thought I layered up enough with my snowboarding pants & coat but I still felt cold. You have to arrive way before the parade starts to get in place in the stands. Security as you can imagine is very strict. Having a ticket for the stands means you can sit in them, but seats are not assigned and its on a first come basis. The tickets tell you what stand you will be in according to street "(70s, 50s, etc). Once you're in the the stands you cannot leave or cross the parade route. No bathroom breaks, no going to get food,'re in and thats it until Santa and his sled pass you (indicating the parade is over). 

It was such an awesome experience and one of my best Thanksgiving memories with my husband. I'm so fascinated with the "behind the scenes" of everything. To see all of the work that goes into coordinating makes you appreciate it even more.

The holidays are about creating memories, spending time with the people you love and appreciating what you have. Take some time to reflect today. I hope you have a happy holiday and make some great memories. Oh and take plenty of photos :)