West Village Walk About

Summer is here and I am trying to take advantage of every single minute. Aside from a weekend trip to see family or friends we are staying put this Summer. The last few years we have travelled and missed out on BBQ, picnics in the park and rooftop parties.


These images were taken on a stroll through the village as I ran some errands post brunch. I stopped in at Aesop since a body balm I use has been on backorder for awhile (the ship was stuck at sea in Australia). Aesop Skincare is one of my favorite beauty brands to splurge on. Their Rejuvenate Body Balm is one of my favs, but at $97 a bottle a rare purchase....very very rare. Usually I get the  Rejuvenate Concentrate Body Balm it's less expensive and comes in a tube so I can throw it in my purse. 

Aesop Skin Care Beauty

Aesop Skin Care Beauty

A friend of mine swears by their Parsley Anti-oxidant Hydrator for her dry skin. I have yet to try it though. If this winter is anything like last year I will have to use it though. 

 Vintage Thrift West at  242 W 10th St, New York. 

 Vintage Thrift West at 242 W 10th St, New York. 

I stopped in at Vintage Thrift West to talk to them about some clothes for an upcoming shoot. I haven't been in a bit and was happy to see some awesome kimonos and caftan dresses. Vintage Thrift is a vintage shop in Greenwich Village, New York with a sister store on the East Side. They are always getting new stuff and carry a lot of designer vintage. Vintage Thrift is not one of the cheap vintage clothing stores in NYC - it's mid range in pricing. I've gotten a Missoni blouse there for under forty dollars though. If you're not in NYC you can also shop their Etsy Store