What I'm Lovin Wednesday : Meme Box

A few months ago on my trip to San Francisco I was introduced to the world of Korean beauty products. During my trip I visited so many grocery and specialty shops trying to track down some of the products that were recommended to me. Many products were reasonably priced while other were outrageous. Especially for items I could't test out first and wouldn't be able to return. When I came back I did some research and found MemeBox pronounced "Mi-Mi" Box.

Memebox offers a beauty box to help introduce new and trending products. They also collaborate with rising digital stars to deliver the latest beauty looks with curated boxes. This is basically the BirchBox of Korean Beauty without the monthly subscription. The boxes feature some of the best Korean beauty products currently out. 

I have ordered a few items and feel it's best to start out with one of the boxes. The Pony Pink Bloom box is a great intro box for some of the makeup and the one I started with. It was a collaboration with PONY a Korean Youtube Beauty Vlogger. If you are looking for skincare the Intro to Korean Beauty StarterKit is now on sale for $39 from $72. 

MemeBox is currently having a great sale on some of their best Korean beauty products. Their Intro to Collaborators Box on sale for $45 down from $120 (this is the one I just ordered).

The Nylon It Girl Palette & the ACSYS Spot Trouble Care Patches are some of my other favorites. I have never personally tried the The Self Care Foot Peeling treatments but they have a cult following with many models. It's basically a peel you use on your feet for 20-30 minutes. Following the treatment the skin on your feet "sheds" over the next few days leaving beautiful callous free soft skin. There are tons of youtube videos and posts from people that have used the product. I have very sensitive skin and I'm afraid of doing some damage. I have read some stories where people ended up on antibiotics because of irritation. I was considering trying it out but cutting down the treatment time or patch testing. Use with caution, patch test/check for allergies make sure the baby foot peel is safe for you. If you do end up trying this product please let me know how it worked out. In the meantime give them a try they are currently having a huge sale and offering 20% OFF orders above $100 using code "NYLON20".

Here are a few Korean makeup tutorials from PONY using the line she created for them

Korean Makeup Tutorials : credit by PONY

Korean Makeup Tutorials : credit by PONY