Street Fairs & Summer


Just when we thought the dog days of Summer were behind us we were pulled right back in this past weekend. Sunday was pretty hot but we ran around trying to soak in the last of our summer. While I'm sad to see it come to an end, I'm looking forward to sweaters and Fall.

One of my favorite things about Summer are block parties and street fairs. The first time I stayed overnight in NYC it was for a wedding with my husband. I woke up earlier than him and volunteered to make a coffee run. As I walked out of the hotel lobby I was greeted by a huge street fair, it was so awesome. I walked a few blocks before I stopped short in the middle of the chaos of the vendors setting up, immediately turned around and ran back to the hotel. When I got back to our room I woke my husband up telling him he had to come downstairs so we could enjoy the street fair before we had to check out and head back home. He woke up wiping the sleep and hangover from his eyes and said "Sure as soon as I have my coffee, let's go." I started laughing "Ohhh yeah the coffee".

Hope you enjoy the last "official" weekend of Summer.