Baccarat Hotel NYC

I was invited to an event at The Baccarat Hotel New York City and was transported to dream world. Champagne flowing all night into beautiful Baccarat Crystal and all the macarons you can eat?!?!? Twenty Minutes in and my husband looks at me with concern - "Shouldn't you be taking some photos of this?" With my mouth stuffed of chocolate macarons I muffled "uhhh yea". Then we quickly went off to explore.

The Baccarat Hotel and Residences NYC is the only one outside of France. It hosts the first La Mer Spa in the United States with 24 hour gym and pool. Everywhere you turn Baccarat crystal and chandeliers line the hotel. The Bar and Grand Salon were a glow with soft light lending to a romantic scene pulled from a French romance movie. Guests were cuddled up on couches and sitting close in deep conversation in the many nooks of the bar. In between eating two of every French pastry in front of me, I learned you can always tell a Baccarat chandelier by it's red single crystal. 

Our main event was hosted in the Harmonie Room. The room's walls are lined with glass bouncing and reflecting all the beautiful light off of the Crystal. The table fit for royalty was adorned with crystal goblets and dishes. I spent the rest of the evening concentrating on not breaking anything. To our surprise I didn't and Im still welcome back.