Central Park Sledding

After we cleaned off the car and gave our marriage a good test we were off to the park. I swear there are certain things you should have to do together before being in a relationship. Besides building Ikea furniture together, this is another to add to the list. 

Cabin fever has definitely set in by this point. Central Park was packed. Children, adults and tons of dogs that needed to burn off some energy were running around. The sledding looked like so much fun but I wasn't taking a chance. People were flying down the hills at top speed. I knew it would be a disaster waiting to happen. We hung around for awhile and watched people on their sleds having a blast. 

Afterwards we headed to Shake Shack to try the new Chicken Sandwich. OMG it was so good! We weren't sure if we were going to like it, so we split it and then regretted that for the rest of the day. I def need to go back this weekend and get one for myself ;)