NYC Blizzard 2016

This past weekend we were hit with one of the worst storms I can remember. Lucky for many this snow storm fell on a weekend and didnt impact too many with the work commute. However the children in my building were upset that they weren't missing school :( I attempted to go out in the morning before it got really bad to snap some photos. I didn't make it very far before getting stuck on one block due to the drifts that were up to my knees!! That's when I decided to head back home, turn into my mother and go make a pot roast.

We started watching "You're The Worst" on  Hulu while we were snowed in. This is my favorite show currently. I'm just bummed that they don't have the second season streaming yet. 

Hope you were warm & safe! Now time to catch up on all the things we didn't do this weekend. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite shots from the weekend.