My City : Nicky Paris

MY City : Nicky Paris

comedian, britney spears fan, emotional eater

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"My City is a project that aims to show the individual relationship a person has with the city they live in. In such large cities with limited space where lives overlap - we still manage to have our own unique relationship & experience with our surroundings."

The next edition of MY CITY is with comedian Nicky Paris. We shot these images on a beautiful fall day in Brooklyn. Nicky and I have worked on a few projects for Galore Magazine and Huffington Post, so it was nice to not have an objective in mind or the pressure of having "to get the shot". We got to catch up over tea, talk about BK, and some of his upcoming projects for MTV and of course comedy.

Nicky's Top 10

Broadway Comedy Club is one of my favorite places in NYC and truly is my home away from home. I was a kid when I started doing stand up on their stage and I've grown so much within the walls of Broadway. Not only as a comedian and an entertainer , but also as a person. They were the first comedy club to give me a chance and for that I'm forever grateful.

Times Square is my favorite place to get lost in it all. When I was a little boy my Mom used to say "anywhere with bright lights and excitement you can find my son." I'm still like that and I adore glitz, glamour and flashing lights. Whenever I'm sad or want to get away I put on my headphones and walk through Times Square and get lost in the sea of people in my own little world. 

Wicked I'm obsessed with Wicked and seeing Wicked. Yes, it's a regular occurrence and I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've seen it. They should name something after me after all my financial contributions. Maybe a urinal. I'm not picky. I cherish the story deeply and what it represents in terms of strength and the power of friendship. I always feel inspired artistically every time I see it. My Grandma was a diehard Wizard of Oz fan and the first time I saw it was with her. 

Waterside Plaza - I hang out at Waterside Plaza a lot. My best friends from high school live there and have a gorgeous apartment with a beautiful view. It's my favorite place to crash and have a laugh and be surrounded by some of my favorite people when I'm not performing. My career(s) don't really allow me to live in the city at the moment but when I do someday I'd like to have an apartment like theirs. To me, they exemplify the result of working hard and doing the right thing. 

Webster Hall I love partying at Webster Hall and I have an array of memories there. One of my favorites was being invited by Taco Bell to attend their VMAs PreParty. Every hour they would ring a a bell and bring out a tray filled with tacos. I watched people attack the wait staff. It was like feeding time at the zoo. 

YouTube Space I love the Youtube Space in New York City and I love when I get the opportunity to work there. 

Gracie Mew's Although I'm not a fan of Gracie Mew's or their food, it's one of my favorite places to go with two of my favorite people Gladys Simon and Bob Warnick. They have mentored me since I was a kid. I would go anywhere to be with them. 

M.S.G There's just something about Madison Square Garden that always takes my breath away. So much history has taken place within these walls and it's that building just represents "legendary" in every sense of the word. I saw Britney Spears there and cried and attended my first VMAs there. It's my dream to perform there someday. 

Joanne's Trattoria is my new favorite place to eat and not just because it's Lady Gaga's restaurant. The food is to die for and the ambiance of the restaurant is the perfect place to have a heart to heart with your best friends over a glass of wine and their succulent truffle pasta.

Chelsea Market I love Chelsea Market. When I was a little kid, my entire family would make a day out of going there to eat and shop. I love seeing all the culinary creations and everyone eating and being happy. I'm an emotional eater, don't judge me.