Bake a Cake, Brew Some Tea & Get On With It

“This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review. All thoughts & views are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of Starbucks. 

The past two months have been a whirlwind. I started packing up my studio and equipment in March in anticipation of moving into my new one. You know how after you go through something you look back and think, "How the hell did I do that?" "Why did I think that was a good idea?" "Why didn't anyone try to talk me out of this?"...well that summarizes the past few months. 

This weekend was the first time I've felt settled in awhile. I decided to bake a strawberry shortcake at my peak of overwhelm...because, well...that's what Ina Garten would do. A friend of mine told me once that when you feel overwhelmed or not in control to bake a cake or fold laundry. That the process of following steps and accomplishing a small task tricks your brain. I don't know if this is true for everyone but it works for me. So a cake, I baked. 

I'm pretty much unpacked and figuring out how to organize this new work space. This summer is going to be me getting acquainted with the space, figuring out which side of the studio has the best light at what time of the day and hopefully not blowing fuses from too many lights at once. A huge problem in the very old studio I was in. 

I'm excited that more space brings more comforts for clients. I have a nice lounge area & separate hair/makeup space. I had plans to setup a comfort and food station for clients. I recently purchased a Keurig® to make tea/coffee seamlessly without much of a mess. Because the days I order coffee, everyone wants tea or vice versa. Ok let's face it everyone wants coffee, and I want tea. So I was really excited when TAZO® wanted to send me their new TAZO®Chai Latte K-Cup® pods to try out. 

There aren't many specialty products for tea drinkers in K-Cup pods so this collaboration got me really excited. TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods are made from milk, tea leaves and spices. It's a perfect mix of sweet meets spicy - a creamy blend of black tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom & vanilla. These are the perfect little pick me up for clients and models in the studio. With so many coffee options it's nice to have something that is so unique. You'd be surprised how much a cup of tea and piece of cake relaxes someone before a shoot. Everyone loves food. Especially models. 

So today in the middle of my unpacking, I sat on the floor of my new photo studio eating my cake and tea. Taking in my new space and thinking this wasn't such a bad idea after all.