Stella Artois : Le Savoir


We were guests of Stella Artois last week for the Le Savoir event hosted in NYC. Le Savoir is a multi sensory dining experience - bringing you through the four seasons. All of the food created by Bompas & Parr, is perfectly complimented by Stella Artois Beer & Cidre.

Think Sleep No More, where the set and scenery are edible. Potted carrots that you harvest out of edible dirt, tomatoes infused with strawberry that you pluck from the vine. Performers carried out their experiments around us as we moved through the lab and in to the green house. 

My highlight of the night were the candles on the tables made of lard. As they melted you got to dip your bread in the rosemary infused "wax". The event concluded with dinner in the greenhouse under the skies of the changing seasons. Acrobatic performers entertained diners from the floor & tables as we enjoyed the Spring rains.