What I'm Lovin' Wednesday - Myself

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday - Myself

Back on my fitness. Here's some stuff I bought to motivate myself to work out. 

Vitamix blender here / Stella McCartney for ADIDAS here & here / Jump Rope here / Fit Bit Pendent here / Bracelet here/ Fit Bit Flex 2 here


It's the first Wednesday of the year! Yay we did it. 

Did you make your resolutions kittens? I did. I made a list of items I want to focus on this year. Some short term and long term goals. I have spent the past month really knowing that I need to be the catalyst for change in my world. The biggest area in my life that needs attention is the Mind, Body, Health sector. So I spent the holidays eating everything I love - over indulging in cakes, chocolate and cookies. Getting ready for the clock to strike and bring in a healthier 2017! 

For Christmas I received a Fit Bit from a friend of mine. I would have never made this purchase for myself and I'm so grateful she bought it for me. HOLY SHIT!!! How lazy I have become. I put that baby on and Dammmnnnnn.... I was barely breaking 4K steps a day. Seeing is believing for sure. I absolutely recommend this if you need a little motivation, feel overwhelmed starting a fitness journey or getting back into the groove. 

What are some of your goals for the New Year?


-xoxo Dee