Miami Swim Week Recap

Here is the first of a two part post on my time down at Miami Swim. I hope you enjoy the images and get an idea of what a great event this is. I got to meet so many established and up & coming designers, attend some great parties, and of course, see some amazing shows. I have been working out since I got back because there's nothing like seeing hundreds of swimsuit models for 5 days straight to motivate the shit out of you.  

Backstage at the Karma Bikinis show 

This year was the first year I was invited to attend Miami Swim and I jumped at the chance. My husband came with me for a few days, then had to fly out for a gig, so my girls then came to town. Honestly, it was the best time and I was beyond stoked to share this experience with them. One of them literally flew down for less than 24 hours to hang. I have some of the greatest women in my life and it's times like this I am reminded. 

MARGOT BY LOREN // Preview of the new collection

SLS Hotel & W Hotel Miami

The shows were primarily at the tents on Collins, the SLS Hotel, and the W Hotel. One thing I really liked about these shows was how they were clustered together. I felt like I really got to see a lot and was even able to overlap shows - running from one to the other in less than 15 minutes. I'm not sure if it was the Miami vibes, but I felt way more relaxed than I usually do at NYFW.


Las Olas

Las Olas

Charlotte Cafe

Charlotte Cafe

Being regulars to Miami (our family lives there), we have our spots that we frequent when we are in town. Typically we will go to Las Olas, Charlotte Bakery, and Porta Sagua so my husband can have some nostalgia and be reminded of his Abuela's cooking. Nothing beats the cafe con leche at Las Olas and I don't even like coffee. Pair that with some toasted, buttered Cuban bread.....well now you know why I've been working out. 

While we were at one of the Funkshion shows there were these graphics on the backdrop that we kept saying looked like a pizza. I guess we were projecting to the universe but about 20 minutes later our friend Paulie Gee (from Paulie Gee's Greenpoint) text us to come thru his new shop - Pauli Gee's Miami. It was so nice to connect with everyone at the shop and try some of the Miami exclusive pies that they have. I highly recommend this spot if you want some NYC style pizza or an amazing eggplant parmigiana. It's not located in South Beach but a quick taxi ride and you will feel like you're in Brooklyn..well except for the palm trees. 

ALIX Bathing Suits     //    M Vaz Jewelry 


HAMMOCK SHOWS at the W Hotel


One of the brands I was really happy I got to connect with was Karma Bikinis. A brand started by two sisters (who are so amazing) that wanted to create an ethically conscious fashion line. They practice fair trade standards in their manufacturing and donate a percentage of their proceeds to ocean conservation. What I liked most is the suits are made in a limited run, with new designs coming out frequently..oh and they were the youngest designers to present at this years shows.

LOGOPHILE // Another brand I quickly fell in love with. I couldn't get enough of their embroidered shirts and this denim jacket. Also, another brand started by a group of young women. 

I had three favs from the shows I attended and at the top of the list, hands down, the KAOHS show. I loved all of the pieces featured and the energy of the models. They came out dancing down the catwalk with so much energy and this fun attitude that set the tone for the rest of our evening. 


I'll have the rest of the photos up in the next post. Some more great shows including, the Sports Illustrated line debut, details about where we stayed and citu guide.