A day at Dia | Beacon


Roadtrip to Beacon, NY

A day at Dia: Beacon, Brunch at the Roundhouse Restaurant & Hotel, and Antique shopping in town.

Raven Rose :  site

Raven Rose : site

Dia : beacon 

Dia : beacon 

Dress :  Tory Burch   

Dress : Tory Burch  

For our anniversary we took a day trip up to Beacon, NY. I have been wanting to visit Dia: for awhile now and this was the perfect opportunity. After our visit I'm glad we decided on a day trip, it was the perfect amount of time out of the city.

We headed out of the city early to the Roundhouse Restaurant and Hotel to catch their brunch. The property is situated next to a waterfall, so we sat outside and enjoyed the summer day. Before heading to the gallery we walked around town to check out some of the vintage and antique shops. One of my favorite shops was Raven Rose, a cute little shop that doubles as a florist, learning space, and shop that sells amazing candles. 

We had fun snapping photos of Dia's property and getting creative with our selfies and shots amongst the installations. I love neon and fluorescent lighting, so I was in my glory with the Dan Flavin collection.