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The Series : Comedians in 11B

"Comedians in 11B" is a photographic series and collaboration started in 2012. The series focuses on members of the New York City Comedy Community. Both the podcast & photographs are created in the artists apartment.

The collaboration of talents between husband and wife. The portraits of comedians are taken immediately after they are interviewed for the Show Me Your Bits podcast. The podcast a project by Comedian Alexis Guerreros, takes a comics joke (or bit) and breaks down the inspiration & creative methods for developing it. Looking for a way to work creatively together the project was born. 

Immediately after opening up about some their most personal subject matter the photo is shot. Subjects are placed in the cramped apartment hallway and are given no direction in posing. The only instruction is "just be yourself". For individuals that are used to commanding a stage in front of a large audience  - the lack of instruction and feedback is usually not received well. Both the podcast and images that accompany each episode exist individually & dependent of one another. 

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